Video : Super Cub Pilot Ben Rose
UAV pilot and coordinator. Briefed, shot and rough edit of this draft footage.

Video: RV-12 Formation Flight Video/Photo Shoot with Van's Aircraft
Pilot of subject aircraft for video shoot. Post-processed video and quick edit. Video filmed by Van's Aircraft staff.

RV-8A Engine Baffling measure/cut tool idea (illustrative how-to)
Video from my own project and first time installing engine baffle kit, tooling to try to simplify and cut time on initial steps.

How to Remove Pop Rivets from an Enclosed Aircraft Wing Bay
Quick how-to video showing a method of removing pop-rivet shop heads from an otherwise inaccessible portion of a RV-12 stabilator.

UAV/Drone Video: Willamette Fall, Oregon City, Oregon
Working with light and camera angles on UAV platform for video montage. Edit and track.